Thursday, November 11, 2010

Resources for Ceramics: Be Informed.

Be informed and investigate the information on the websites about working in ceramics, applying for shows and programs, looking for grants, networking with other artists, and finding where to look for even more resources.

American Ceramic Society
"Today, the Society is providing knowledge and forums to members who are shaping the way we think about materials science. From bricks to cell phones and appliances to space shuttle tiles and green technology, the members of the Society are leading the advancements in ceramic technologies that keep people safe and warm, explore and discover new frontiers and save lives. The American Ceramic Society is proud to be a conduit for these initiatives."

Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts
"The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts is a public, nonprofit, educational institution founded in 1951 by brickmaker Archie Bray, who intended it to be "a place to make available for all who are seriously and sincerely interested in any of the branches of the ceramic arts, a fine place to work." Its primary mission is to provide an environment that stimulates creative work in ceramics."

Ceramic Arts Daily
" is an online community serving active potters and ceramic artists worldwide, as well as those who are interested in finding out more about this craft. provides a wide array of tools for learning about and improving skills, and a place for artists to display their work and to share ideas and perspectives about how their art and life interact to shape each other. provides a free daily newsletter, access to Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated magazines and the Potters Council, as well as linking you to all the related products and services that these groups offer."

An online clay community with a forum, classifieds, resources and other types of information beneficial to artists working in clay media.

Northern Clay Center
"Northern Clay Center's mission is the advancement of the ceramic arts. Ongoing programs include exhibitions by contemporary regional, national and international ceramic artists, as well as historical and architectural ceramics; classes and workshops for children and adults at all skill levels; studio space and grants for artists; and a sales gallery representing many top ceramic artists from the region and elsewhere."

Artspan Portals: Ceramics
Information about ceramics as well as links to other resources and more information all hosted by the Artspan contemporary art network.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Resources for Ceramics: Be Inspired.

By inspired and influenced by these websites providing examples and information about ceramic work.

Access Ceramics
"accessCeramics is a growing collection of contemporary ceramics images by recognized artists enhancing ceramics education worldwide."

American Museum of Ceramic Art
"It is the mission of the American Museum of Ceramic Art to educate by presenting, collecting and preserving significant ceramic achievements of the world's cultures from ancient times to the present and through aesthetic and technical study to develop a deeper understanding of cultural values and traditions."

Ferrin Gallery
"Ferrin Gallery, established in 1979, is one of the nation's premier ceramic art and sculpture galleries. The gallery program presents changing exhibitions featuring contemporary art, photography and sculpture from throughout the region along with nationally known ceramic sculptors and studio potters. The gallery is located in downtown Pittsfield in the heart of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts,an area known for its cultural offerings - music, theater and museums. Pittsfield is just over three hours from New York City and a little over two hours from Boston."

Lacoste Gallery
Concord, MA gallery featuring primarily ceramic artists.

Studio Pottery
"The UK's leading on line information site linking potters, galleries and collectors and everyone with a shared enthusiasm for Studio Ceramics. Select one of the buttons on the bars above to explore the site and enjoy!!"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Online Resources for Asian Art

Online Museum Resources on Asian Art
"OMuRAA's purpose is to make the wealth of visual materials now available on the websites of many museums and arts-related educational institutions better known to teachers and students of Asian studies by cataloguing them in "teacher-friendly" and "student-friendly" ways. With this aim OMuRAA identifies online visual resources -- including collections databases, digital image libraries, archived websites of special exhibitions, online presentations of focused collections, and websites for teaching with and about art -- and indexes them in ways that are familiar to teachers and students in world history, world literature, and general art courses."

Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies
"The goal of the Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies [IDEAS] is to unify digitizing efforts already in progress at various campuses into a shared searchable database, open to anyone with access to the World Wide Web. IDEAS focuses on the generally underrepresented area of Asia in an attempt to make multi-media materials more widely available for specialists and non-specialists alike. The scope of the IDEAS project will allow for the continued addition of new materials over time, encouraging participation in both use as well as development of the database through faculty and staff workshops. IDEAS is the first multi-institutional, interdisciplinary, pan-Asian searchable database in the country."

The Huntington Photographic Archive of Buddhist and Asian Art
"The John C. and Susan L. Huntington Photographic Archive of Buddhist and Asian Art contains nearly 300,000 original slides and photographs – photographic documentation of art and architecture throughout Asia. Countries covered in the collection include India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), China, and Japan. The documentation covers in situ works of art and architecture ranging from approximately 2500 B.C.E. to the present, as well as pieces found in most major Asian, European, and American museums. This broad, yet detailed, collection contains predominantly Buddhist material, but also includes Hindu, Jain, and Islamic works as well. The most comprehensive collection of its kind, The Huntington Archive includes the largest photographic archive of Nepali art and architecture in the world and represents the only formal collection that photographically records the country's artistic heritage."

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
"The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco is one of the largest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art. But we are more than just an art museum—we are your ticket to Asia. Here, you can travel through 6,000 years of history, trek across seven major regions, and sample the cultures of numerous countries."

The Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art
"The Smithsonian Institution has two museums of Asian art: the Freer Gallery of Art which opened to the public in 1923, and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, which welcomed its first visitors in 1987. Both are physically connected by an underground passageway, and ideologically linked through the study, exhibition, and sheer love of Asian art... When you visit the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, online or in person, you can move through cultures and time periods to create a unique, tailored experience. In addition to the exhibitions on display the galleries feature innovative programming for visitors of all ages, such as lectures, concerts, films, and podcasts that enhance and extend the visit." Online Journal
" is dedicated to all aspects of Asian art. It is our ambition to offer a forum for scholars, museums and commercial galleries. We display highlights of exhibitions in public and private institutions and galleries; present new discoveries by scholars and connoisseurs; and, by providing space for private galleries to present their works, offer the visitor a selection of fine Asian art worldwide."

Asian Historical Architecture
"Welcome to, a photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage. Here you can view over 15,000 photos of 791 sites in twenty-one countries, with background information and virtual tours. This website is a collection of photos from many different contributors."

Virtual Tour of the Taj Mahal
"Our online virtual tour enables visitors to interactively explore the "UNESCO World Heritage Site", the Taj Mahal at Agra in India. Visitors may tour 22 different areas of the monument and gardens through 360° panoramas, maps, narrated mini-movies, music and text. A small 360° panorama above a clickable map allows a quick view of any area. Having spotted something of interest, visitors can then click to open a window with a much larger and higher quality 360° panorama, and then zoom in and pan around for a detailed inspection. For example: To view the inlaid semi-precious stones on the Dome itself. At any point, visitors can view narrated mini-movies about the people, architecture, politics and history of the site."

Chinese Phonetic Conversion
"This tool converts between different phonetic representations of (Mandarin) Chinese syllables. The tool supports conversions between Pinyin, Zhuyin, Wade-Giles, Gwoyeu Romatzyh, MPS II, Yale, and Tongyong."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Joe Jones: Painter of the American Scene

If you are planning to visit St. Louis any time soon, mark your calendars because the Saint Louis Art Museum will present the exhibition Joe Jones: Painter of the American Scene from October 10, 2010 through January 2, 2011. If you have browsed the section about the Arkansas Post Office Murals on the UCA Art Department website, you should know that Joe Jones painted Threshing (1938, oil on canvas) for the Magnolia, AR Post Office.

From the museum website: "St. Louis-born artist Joe Jones (1909–1963) achieved national prominence in the 1930s for his depictions of both urban and rural aspects of the American Scene. This exhibition investigates the ways in which Jones represented life in America. His work was driven by his commitment to grassroot causes and his identification with the working class. Paintings, mural studies, drawings, and prints by Jones from both public and private collections are included in the exhibition."

Jones has work included in the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Check out some of the links above to find out more information about his life and work.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take a Look at Artists' Books: Part 3

If you have enjoyed some of the Artists' Books you've seen so far and think you might enjoy trying it out for yourself, ART Outfitters in Little Rock, AR is having a Multi-Signature Bookmaking Class next weekend October 9-10, 2010. According to the event flyer, the workshop will teach 5 different types of book bindings, the cost is $100 which includes some materials, and class size is limited so sign up soon! Click on the link to find out more information from the Facebook event listing.

Artists' Books Online: An online repository of facsimiles, metadata, and criticism
"Artists' Books Online is designed to promote critical engagement with artists books and to provide access to a digital repository of metadata, scans, and commentary. The project serves several different communities: artists, scholars and critics, librarians and curators, and interested readers. ABsOnline operates as an online collection with curatorial guidelines established by an advisory board of professionals. Founded in 2004 ABsOnline is an ongoing project hosted at the University of Virginia under the direction of Johanna Drucker and with assistance from staff and interns working with the University Library and its units in digital scholarship."

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
"Welcome to Minnesota Center for Book Arts: the place to feed your curiosity, stretch your creativity and get your hands dirty through the book arts. From the traditional crafts of papermaking, letterpress printing and bookbinding to non-traditional artmaking and self-publishing techniques, MCBA celebrates the book as a vibrant contemporary art form that takes many shapes...As the largest and most comprehensive center of its kind in the nation, Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) celebrates the book as a vibrant contemporary art form that takes many shapes. From the traditional crafts of papermaking, letterpress printing and bookbinding to experimental artmaking and self-publishing techniques, MCBA supports the limitless creative evolution of book arts."

University of West England School of Creative Arts: Book Arts
"Artists’ books have re-emerged as an energetic contemporary artform over the last thirty years. Developing from their last materialisation in the 1960’s as a way of bypassing the constraints of the gallery; as a vehicle for the dissemination of ideas and a radical format of bringing art to a wider public through artists self-publishing their work. This notion of making art in an affordable non-wall based format led to the growth of what we now recognise as the artist’s book. As part of our research we explore many aspects of artists’ publishing: from the conception and history of the artist’s book to creative processes and output, current developments and critical assessments of the subject. Through our research projects and collaborations, we hope to widen critical discourse within the book arts field."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Take a Look at Artists' Books: Part 2

To gain some more perspective about what an artist book is or can be, take a look at the explanations of book artist and author Angela Lorenz on her website, where you can also find some examples of and information about her personal work.

Pacific Center for the Book Arts
"The Pacific Center for the Book Arts exists to provide support for the development of our members in the various fields of the book arts, including typography, printing, calligraphy, illustration, bookbinding, conservation, papermaking and printmaking; to provide social activities for the member community; to encourage the development of professional practices in the various book arts through exhibits and educational programs; to create opportunities to promote the work of our members; and to engage other activities necessary or incident to the above."

Artist Books 3.0
"Where artists' books and the book arts meet online... The Artist Book 3.0 forum is for artists, curators, librarians, students, and researchers interested in artist books and the book arts." This website actually allows viewers to create and account and then participate in the commnuity by uploading and sharing their own art and other content.

Reed College Artists' Books
"The spectrum of modern and contemporary Artists' Books in Reed College's Special Collections and collected on this website include traditional letterpress printed books of poetry, conceptual book works, sculptural and visual works, concrete poetry, and magazine works. This unique collection, which holds significant 20th century and contemporary artists’ books, gives students and the broader population insight into the significant role artist's books have played among the avant-garde of Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and the United States, from the turn of the last century to the present."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take a Look at Artists' Books: Part 1

Artist's Book is typically a book that has been altered or created by an artist in such a way that the final product is meant to viewed as a work of art in itself. One of the earliest examples of an Artist's Book is William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience (1789-1794). The genre has grown and developed throughout the years, receiving both criticism and recognition; within the past few decades, official art degree programs focusing on Book Art were created. Now there are many artists creating work in this manner and also many online resources available to view and learn about Artist's Books.

Joan Flasch's Artists' Book Collection
"The Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection is part of the John M Flaxman Library and one of SAIC's Special Collections. It currently houses well over 4,000 artists' books, multiples, video and audio recordings, periodicals, digital works, reference books, ephemera, exhibition catalogs as works of art, and examples of other experimental art practices, all created over the last four decades by artists of local, national, and international significance."

Otis College of Art and Design Artists' Books Collection
"The collection of artists' books at Otis College of Art and Design began and grew significantly during this period due largely to the efforts of Joan Hugo, a previous Otis librarian, and recognized expert in artists' books. Judith Hoffberg was also instrumental in building a fine Otis collection which was representative of the time. The Otis Library's current collection is approximately 2,000 works. Among the holdings are books by important contemporary artists such as Ed Ruscha, Joseph Beuys, and Vito Acconci... The goal of the Otis Artists' Book Collection is not to create a comprehensive archive, but rather to provide a valuable teaching resource available to art historians, artists, and students. Since the collection is available on only a limited basis, providing access to the books via online images was a priority."

Yale University Library Arts of the Book Collection
"Research needs primary source documents. The supposedly unimportant, ephemeral materials used to advertise exhibitions, lectures, and new publications are often the only record of these events. Ephemera files, like those in the Arts of the Book Collection (AOB), part of the Arts Library at Yale, provide important information on activities and people that are currently exhibiting but not yet in the limelight. These files also document lesser known artists and exhibition spaces. AOB holds 14 linear feet and growing of materials that have been collected since the early 1980's on various contemporary artists and presses. This database represents a small sample of our ephemeral holdings for which we have received permission to post on the Internet."